All the internet you can handle

So, for those that might not know, we homeschool our children. We are blessed that my wife can stay at home with the kids and do this for them. This presents some unique challenges, not the least of which is technology. We subscribe to an online service called Monarch from the nice folks at Alpha Omega Publications. They both have an entry-level laptop that they use for school and other internet access.

You see, I have a soon-to-be teenage daughter, that is addicted to Facebook. (She’s addicted to anime too, but that’s a different post entirely :) ) The issue comes in with web filtering – if we let her, she would be content to simply browse Facebook all day, until the wee hours of the morning. Between that, and all the rampant perversion on the internet at large, giving her an unfiltered internet connection would be most unadvised. Being the resident network geek, it falls to me to prevent this.

So far, I have a fairly complex (for a home) network setup. Of course it’s complex, considering what I do for a living :) I have a LinkSys WRT-54G running the custom DD-WRT firmware, that allows me to advertise multiple SSIDs and separate the traffic from each SSID into it’s own VLAN. The kids are associated with their special SSID and their traffic is separated into their own VLAN. This traffic is then pumped through a pfSense firewall for traffic filtering. This gives a fair amount of flexibility in the content filtering that goes on.

Just a peek into the wild world of homeschooling in the information age.

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