Greg’s teleworking mini-rant

So someone posted a job opening on a mailing list I’m on. Pretty much near the top of the job requirements was the line:

Remote working arrangements will not be considered.

I have wondered for the longest time…why? Why are most companies so dead-set against teleworking? I can understand if you have a job where a physical presence is required – after all it’s difficult to stack boxes or cook steaks over the internet. But for technical positions (which this was) why the reluctance to allow individuals to telework? Not only is it a good deal for the employee (reduced commute costs, more relaxed work environment, fewer distractions [if done correctly]) but there is a benefit to the company as well (not having to provide a workspace for said employee, which lowers real estate, electrical, heating/cooling costs).

My belief is that it stems from a 19th century management belief of, “If I can’t see you, you’re not working.” Especially in technical (read: salaried) fields, this is no longer the case – you should judge employee performance based on whether or not they complete their assigned tasks in the timeframe required to keep the business moving forward, not whether or not they punch a 40-hour-a-week clock.

Also, the fact that it’s somehow acceptable to excise an entire department and send it three states away is a “good thing”, but that an employee working at his home office across town is a “bad thing” really makes no sense.

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